Our mission

The "Heart of Ukraine" charity foundation was founded by a group of patriots - volunteers precisely on the Independence Day of Ukraine in 2015, as a sign that all our actions in this Foundation are done from the heart and dedicated to Ukraine. We cannot see our future without the Motherland - but we are sure that it is we, each of us, who creates this future right now, here and at this time.
The Fund's activities have two main directions. This is the implementation of social projects in the field of providing charitable assistance to military personnel, as well as assistance to orphans and pupils of children's institutions.
Love for the Motherland does not consist in words and promises, but in care and kindness to the common man. With the love of the heart, attention and help to those who are in a difficult situation - this is the purpose of creating our Foundation. This is what the foundation brings to people. We chose the name of the fund not by chance. It is more important to understand and sympathize with the heart than to arrange on the shelves with the help of the mind. Often, each of us in life had to see, in hindsight, and understand that it is worth trusting the heart in one or another situation, it will not deceive!